APPEON y SAP Anunciarán el Futuro de PowerBuilder

Appeon está anunciando la visión, arquitectura tecnológica, y hoja de ruta para PowerBuilder en una serie de Webcasts de 5 partes. Si a usted le gustaría entender  la visión y el futuro que planea Appeon para PowerBuilder usted debe inscribirse en estos Webcasts! Hay cupos limitados y están disponibles las inscripciones por Internet desde hoy!



Appeon started to work the new version of PB

Appeon has already started its work by collecting the needs of PowerBuilder developers and generate a roadmap for the new version of PowerBuilder. Appeon is currently still in the process of receiving SAP PowerBuilder, but to advance the process Appeon has a page for all the needs and suggestions from users of PowerBuilder.

We invite you to actively participate, and invite everyone you know to fill out the survey to provide new ideas and features that should have the new version of PB.


How to Connect to ODATA (Open Data Protocol) from PowerBuilder


One of the new features of PowerBuilder 12.6 is the connection OData (Open Data Protocol). Here we will see how to connect to a data source OData the DBProfile. First Create new Data Profile Odata, Click in Database Profile / ODT OData / New ...

The Connection tab includes basic connection options that you must supply to access the information in the OData service. 


PowerBuilder has a great future - Appeon develop PB

Dirk Boessmann, Senior Vice President for Mobile Development of SAP, spoke at the North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group Meeting on May 8th, 2015 in a talk entitled "Moving Forward with SAP PowerBuilder". He was already in the US for the Sapphire Conference (May 5th to 7th) and actually had to miss the special event at that conference (a JLo concert) in order to make the user group meeting.


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